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Bug 10277 | Fixed an issue where installer would crash when clicking finished.

This bug was introduced by a change to the installer user interface to confirm if a user wants to exit the installer when an installation is in progress.

The error was due to a timing issue when creating new user accounts and then trying to set permissions using those accounts.

Bug 10291 | Fixed a crash when running the Carousel installer on x86 systems due to scheduling an installer command that only is only present on x64 systems.と言う位に短かかった気がするんやが、今年一番の夏が関西の孤島、淡路島にありやした。そう2009FREEDOM! Bug 10282 | Interactive bulletins can now be uploaded using the Carousel user interface and will be hosted locally on the Carousel Server.Bug 10278 | Fixed an issue where the Carousel service would use excessive amount of memory when starting potentially causing poor performance or system hangs.The issue was the result of leaking images while validating media sizes during startup.

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We now delay using the accounts to allow the operating system enough time to finish creating the accounts.

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