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Our divorce was finalized in August 2006 and I have been to court three times since then, so far.

While we're at the case conference my lawyer brings up the fact that I have not received a tax return since the last time we appeared before a judge.

The FRO is a provincial body that enforces court orders. A date for the exchange of income tax returns is stated in the final order issued by the court.

It cannot change any of the terms in the support order or domestic contract. My original order issued August 2, 2006 stated: "Each year, no later than the 1st of June, each party shall provide the other the information required by s.21 of the Guidelines, including a complete copy of their income tax return filed for the immediately preceding taxation year, all attachments and any notices of assessment that have been received." This ensures that if there is a change in income for the payor, it is taken into consideration and the support payments adjusted accordingly either up or down.

I understand that I am not alone in this situation.Self-representation is extremely difficult when the other party is abusive and perceives a power imbalance.So, I would like to suggest a solution to this dilemma of payors who blatantly disregard court orders by refusing to exchange tax returns.To date I have never received my ex-husband's tax return voluntarily.What usually happens is that every two years my ex-husband takes me back to court - it's called Legal Bullying, but that's another editorial.

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The applicant was in default under a child support order.

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