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I wish I could just give you a straight answer or rule of thumb for how often to text a girl you just met – I wish I could be like, “Oh, there’s a girl you like?Just text her once a week,” – but unfortunately, I can’t. What I CAN do though, is drop some philosophy on yo’ bitch ass (j/k, you’re not a bitch) and teach you the CONCEPTS that you need to know in order to make this decision for yourself on the fly.This is something just about every guy has gone through at some point in their lives when it comes to girls.Dealing with rejection from a girl can be an easy thing for some guys and difficult for others. Recently, a lot of you have been asking for EVEN MORE good games to play over text.

We believe that our offering here on this page of our site is better than basically all the other sites like Omegle. Well, quite frankly, we have more features, and better features!You’ve entered the holy grail of flirting with girls through text messaging.Sure, any rookie can press send but it takes a bad mother fucker to translate characters into irresistible electronic seduction.Tags: ask her out, cute flirty text message games, frequency, getting her number, hot texting games, how to text women, pick-up lines, Stories, text message game ideas, text message seduction, things to say to girls in text messages P-Funk here to teach you about a VERY important text messaging tip – How often to text a girl you just met.Seriously fellas, listen up because this is one of the most common mistakes that guys make when they’re texting girls.

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We have the bare bones stranger chat, but then we take it further with our nice little additions.

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