Silverfish dating

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Silverfish dating

There are many different processes for manufacturing rayon, varying among the chemicals used and their subsequent impact on the environment.

Basically, the production of rayon (which also applies to modal and lyocell) chemically converts purified cellulose into a soluble compound.

You may be familiar with the term Tencel, which is Lenzing’s brand name for lyocell.

Although they are manufactured fibers, rayon, modal and lyocell are not considered synthetic.

All three are referred to generically as “regenerated cellulosic fibers” due to the manner in which they’re manufactured.

They’re pests that find their way into homes and become difficult to get rid of once they discover your home makes an ideal shelter and provides continuous sources of food.

Rayon was the first manufactured (regenerated) fiber, dating back to about 1855.

The first patent for “artificial silk” was registered in 1894, the first U. commercial production occurred in 1910 and the term rayon was officially adopted in 1924.

It is comfortable, soft to the skin and has moderate dry strength and abrasion resistance.

Like other cellulosic fibers, it is not resilient, which means that it will wrinkle.

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So while silverfish will not cause the extensive damages that other pests can cause, like termites, they are still a nuisance that can leave behind a mess.