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Curious about ancient roots of World's oldest profession?Procon Prostitution published a great timeline of historic documentation from Ancient Times through Middle Ages until today showing the course development.We spent nearly two weeks in Japan (Tokyo, Takayama and Kyoto) and Hong Kong in September.I had very low expectations for the trip -- for some reason, despite the urging of so many people we trust, Japan was never on my list of places to go, and I was wary.To find legal Navada brothels one has to take a limousine and drive North on I95 heading for Reno.

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In the Philippines - where barfines are considered legally questionable - the term might be replaced by expressions such as Finding information about hookers in China proves more difficult than in most other countries.

Mostly it's a language issue, but in many cases people familiar with the Chinese system want to keep this information a secret.

Youtube offers videos from private people as well as TV features from around the globe.

The World's largest photo sharing portal shows plenty stills of whores online.

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