Sapho lesbian dating

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Sapho lesbian dating

She is believed to have been born on the island of Lesbos during the seventh century B.C., with estimated birth dates ranging from 640–610 B. Oriented in the capital of Mytilene, Sappho was a highly lauded poet of her times noted for her viscerally sensual themes and may have been held in the same esteem as Homer.So maybe my favorite part about all of Greek history is that Sappho was just such a BIG GAY BUMMER that it pretty much killed her. 100% of what we know about Sappho is “this may or may not be true,” except for the rumor that she threw herself off of a cliff for the love of some , which is a vile calumny invented by, I don’t know, Athenians probably, who were terrified of women’s sexuality in general.) (Follow-up parenthetical: we are NOT going to have an argument about Sappho’s historic gayness. Why should she bother lifting it anyways, if she knows she’s never going to see anyone worth looking at again. She’s added a sweet black cloak, which is righteous, and she’s cuddling her lyre on the edge of a cliff, because her lyre is the only thing that understands her. If I hear the words “finishing school,” “Phaon,” “it’s impossible to know her sexuality because…” or anything about Erinna being a male poet using a pseudonym, I will shut down this entire website and send all of you packing.) Anyhow, here are a bunch of paintings of Sappho in order of how super bummed-out she looked. JUST STRAIGHT UP STANDING ON THE EDGE OF A CLIFF YELLING AT THE NIGHT She is (as best as I can tell) lying dead on the ground while a bird tries to peck away her jewels? Oh my GOD, look at how sad and gross she is, trying to sullenly make out with a girl who can’t even make eye contact with her? I have what she’s running away from, but IT’S PROBABLY HER FEELINGS. But her “Old Age Poem,” discovered in 2004 and featuring lines about time's effects on the body, implies that the poet lived past middle age. Scholars and biographers over the years have presented a variety of theories about Sappho’s life and how her work can be interpreted, though these offerings are speculative and can’t be verified.In 2013, Oxford University scholar Dirk Obbink announced the findings of two more pieces from Sappho—“The Brothers Poem” and “The Kypris Poem”—though there’s been attendant controversy, as aspects of the discovery are shrouded in secrecy.Sappho was born sometime during the seventh century B. Sappho's poems were posthumously compiled into nine papyrus volumes at the Library of Alexandria, though the bulk of her output was eventually lost. An exalted artist who created lyrical poems meant to be set to song, her work expressed love for men and women while also paying homage to the deities of the times.

Why don’t you just draw a picture of Heathcliff and Cathy as the “Love is…” dolls holding hands in a Precious Moments background?? Nonetheless, some surviving verses, including a hymn to Aphrodite, prominently showcase same-sex desire.Sappho thus eventually developed a reputation of representing romance between women, with her home island of Lesbos having inspired the term "lesbian" (though the word had different connotations in ancient times). -- Choice Snyder offers a comprehensive treatment of Sappho's poetry for the Greekless reader, including transliterations and translations of the Greek. By returning often to the bits of text that contain key words and phrases, Snyder actually succeeds in intimating poems where only hints remain.

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She ultimately produced nine volumes of work recorded on papyrus scrolls and placed in the Library of Alexandria hundreds of years after she died.

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