Rochelle aytes is dating

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Rochelle aytes is dating

And Ricky’s real life relationships have been juicy too.

That’s British humour for you.’ Aptly, Ricky’s having the last laugh in his career too.

It's appalling that no one in the movie recognized that these two young, white heiresses were actually black men. That awkward moment when you try to be unattractive but it somehow makes you more appealing.

*Latrell is played by Terry Crews*Unwillingly, Marcus had to go on a date with Latrell and it was the most cringe worthy, funny thing ever. For some reason in the movie, he was seen as part of the "white crew." He almost presented himself as a white person and even made a double entendre comment: "Didn't anyone tell you that this is an all-white party, huh?

More recently he¹s been spotted with a mystery blonde named Sara.

So what’s happening in his love life and what’s in store for him Stateside? If you look at TV and films throughout the ages there has to be some sort of chemical reaction. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing actually hated each other and that created one of the best screen chemistries of all time!

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Four years after his character Calvin Valentine was written out of Hollyoaks, he’s cracked a US career after moving there in 2011.