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Promoted out the dating pool

Depending on whether I’m lost in a supermarket aisle, trying to pick an overpriced handbag or buying fresh flowers, the answer could be extra virgin olive oil, vintage Chanel or yellow roses.

But when I’ve taken the time out to fill an entire profile online – including the very specific section where I stated that I want to meet men for dating – this question comes across as lazy or ridiculous.

Instead of gnashing my teeth, I have decided to make a legal technique called asked and answered work in my favour.

My response to any man who skipped past the relevant part of my profile and crept into my inbox asking what I’m looking for will be as follows: In the past, I used to sense the nonsense coming, but I would entertain it until it got to BS, partly because I was trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, and also because some of the craziness was ideal for giggling over wine with girlfriends and juicy fodder for columns.

But in the interest of preserving my sanity, I’m now blocking at even the slightest hint of madness.

I recently had someone in my inbox who had a laundry list of his requirements from a partner including that she was neat, hygienic, of good morals and he was adamant she had to know how to cook because he claimed that was a woman’s duty.

After encountering dozens of men on Okcupid asking “Why are you here?

But because of the way my pettiness is set up, I’ve decided to respond with, “To prove Terry Pratchett was right and the earth is really flat” then see what happens.

A quick recap for those who have not been following my escapades so far: I’m on Ok Cupid which I joined because one of my best friends told me its a dating site for intelligent people!

Am still giving him the side eye for overstating that part but it definitely has its perks.

In turn, they may then be invited onto the Premier League Select Group of Referees.

The final promotion for a Level 1 referee would to be promoted to the FIFA International List of Referees.

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