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Anscomb had cut off the Federal organixatlon's funds. But with turkeys at 6» lo 70 cents a pound, the family may have to subsist on left oven for the rest of the week to fit the Thanksgiving feast Uito the budget. - A sharp drop In membership In the Oommunlsl ' party in Canada has occurred during the paet. In thortmghly reliable official quarters tn Ot Uwa. does not include those known to have Cocnnmnlst leantnca but who are not regarded by the Ro-al Ca- nadian Mounted Police os beirqt "out and out" Reds The 15.000 conslsu of paid up members Two yeara ago, Tim Buck, leadrr of the Labor Progra«et*e party, told party faithful at a convention In Toronto that the membership then Mood at 23.000 At that Uroe. Oorrmment eouirce riggeet the drop in Cmnmuntst party memben may be attributed to the firm eland taken by labor organlaattons In Can- ada and moot of the Meal unlona rage Antarrtir Kipedltloti Heads »m Ui 5 Rayals' Rally Holds I'nlted. I» Babb hot Bw IMlng Notoa Claoslfled Coroka Crossword Cnlberteon an Bridge ... Drew changed his mmd and decided tliere should be a single orgamaatlon In British Columbia. "Mr Green Is determined to uke cxmtrnl of the Br IUsh Columbia Association (o Ot- tawa, which would be disastrous.'' Pleading for unity In a smgle or- gantn Uon. The pile, containing 45.000 to 50 000 bushels of Marquis wheat. S3 wide and 13 high It was grown on land of the Blood Indian Resenrw leased by white men in tha largest grain f Wld within one fence In the Oommonwealth^ WASHINGTON. N's • fawturw of tha ravoivtionory new We nlso have ■ nice selection of our Dcliciout Turkey Roasii, weights 4 to 6 lbs, all ready for the dressing. Regular visits te yoor dee- tiet are necessary for cimeple St deatal health. ef Turkeys Plaaw eead ay hee enpy of fbtdar I d eacvftiinf tbe new Aamena Bupw , er. i4S23 — Pho RM - Offi M — B26U Cmiuine Ammoniaied ^ TOOTH PASTE mio AT^u Dtuo cou Nms (vn YWHai PENDANTS. ALL n TT W*n-Y to • »to P age 3— Loca l Qtff Batin (Eolonut Victoria, B. Oct 8, 18S8 Girl Guides Aid in Packing; Poppies ’Ansconih’s Fiery Oratory Swings Coiivenlioii Favor Con ferences Already Well on IFaj To Altering B, N. Act-^VTisnier Dt Cetoniat SUff l Uporur , told to the pcoplt In a pub Uc l Ute- Much haa atreadjr boea di*ts« ' mendotu Job ahead ot Ibam. Fin Lnc« ment Jrom the Prime Mlntiter and ward roachtn* Uw urttmau object- Wtomer gare awuranco that every eumuonai taika In Ot Uwa. Most tables In Vlctorta will sag I under the weight of the year's blg- I non-Yulettde meal. But «nr* then Tiro Burk has been losing members at the rate of about lii OO a year. **os king as you're with the Liberals out there, we can’t co-ofwrate with you." Later Mr. Alta., watch their harveat being plied up beneath the skies for lark of granarv space. No other hearing aid iwceivar known to Audivox haanng exparta comaa lava doea to bai Ag aa tiny. no dentifrieo can taka the place of the girofaeaional help of your dentist. Ue, Sweaee MT «e We Sttl H B/f Cfh C Nt Stl Ne AID DIVISION Address No. DIAMOND MIRCHANTS Oon'f foil hsnd in Ook Crest, o H Csdor Hill Rood r OLLOW THE SIGNS from HILLSIDE arnwtt4T-.4 • lai T to • »«. m Same with Pe Luxe Gurney Rant;c fcw W STANDARD OIL SUPPLIES GUARANTEED EASY TERMS AVAILABLE See Our Showrooms — Call. ON THE If you are uatnn a eosmogsc type of tcxvthpasle- you try an ammonialrd dwntifriew ? Remember — this Ane tooth- peats U badc Ml by the makcre of Amm-i-dent Tooth Powder, one of the world's largeat-selling tooth pewdera.

B, 14 ri Mwtraa • 'ndss at VIrtorto 31 STOKER BLEND \Ol HECFAli: • THE HIGHEST QUALITY STOKER COAL • BLENDED PROPERLY TO GIVE YOU MAXIMUM HEAT — PROPER CLINKI. 740 BROUGHTON STREET PHONG C 1953 SPECIAL WASHINGTON. 7 1 IN 8 » - The navy said today It is investigat Ing lo determine .whether mines de- ® at toyed or delected off the east roast H I of North Korea are Russian made ^ A navy spokeaman reported the m jdcrtrucuon of two floaung mines * lend the detection of IS otlxrs. Here it is — Anm-i-dcnt Tooth- paste, ths Arst gsnuioe ammoni- ated toothpaste, made from the famous Anm-i-dent Tooth Powder formula. But not ot Quirk Soup; Saves Life Of Tfiaclier I 0006 BA^Orl, Ocl 7 i INBi.— Fineing "Olory. Hallelujah" eliminated school teacher Eva Pen- nock as a deer hunter's target and ruined the day for at least one huntsman. pab Uabed M Isediag dsaiel Jearasla, ibal peop U Miai Aaim4dec H be the teat bed • r^ar Uen in the earn- her af aew eavitlea. 1949 users reparl beno- fklal rosultfl I-ecteei eo ile freaa IMS Amaad- deal aaers. edd la the nw-ard af pre«/ Ihet Amaa-4-d Ml reaiiaaee te be reepeosible fee redactna the a Msher af aew mrkim. ««Haaa end chlldreo, swera dmal records show dc Aa He rcdec Uoa ie amnber ef new csriiiea. Dentol |ournolt publish proof I Oely the Aaeme-dent fennala •a show pree/. Maybe you're new niiag ammoniated Utoih powder, but prefer paete. Get genoine Amm-i-dent ammoniated toothpaste, todog, for the whole family ! *Swani dentol racerds •f cavity reduction I la rigid, ariaatific S-year leal vkh bandreda ef mca. Attufactory concluaiuu which will p: ' erve the fundamental and ^ rights of the pr.ivincc- •• "These rl Bh U permit them to fmirtlon freely and progreaalvely In Used. when an early Monday tn Oc- tober was choeen for Tt«nki«tvtng 1 Now the Thankigtvinc date R fixed i MSJ nr r. but have been waitmg for an • mmaaiatad (oet Apasfe. he ney -General ed reputation at a tough, able ' aald “paid people have been uaed yeaten Uy fighter. I hate one requeat Further pro( Brltlah North America Act.

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