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There are mornings when I look in the mirror and see myself grappling with all the rituals that used to be so simple and the shock hits me anew. It was November 2008 and we had decided to take a break in Goa.

How did I end up like this - paralysed from the waist down, unable to do all the things I once took for granted like getting into the shower? I can never even enjoy a full sex life nor father children normally. After two fantastic weeks there, we made the fateful decision to spend our last day in Mumbai.

And so, early in the afternoon of Wednesday November 26, we booked into the Taj Hotel.

A magnificent Edwardian throwback to the colonial era, it's one of the world's most famous hotels.

I told Kelly what I'd heard and we raced along the corridor to the top of the stairwell to peer down to the foyer three storeys below. We were trapped on the third floor with no escape route. I rang my dad in London and asked him to find out what he could, though I tried to keep the panic out of my voice. We just remembered seeing films where people caught up in bomb attacks take shelter in the bath. Kelly found a pair of sewing scissors and started cutting up the curtains and towels. By now thick black smoke was billowing under the door. But we got no practical assistance, just a couple of courtesy visits from officials. I assumed the government would compensate us because we'd been caught up in an outrage triggered largely by government policy. I am not eligible for any compensation; not from my travel insurance, not from the Indian Government and not from the British Government.Hi, I am Deepika from mumbai, 22 years old looking for some fun. I like to keep my body fit and do all sorts of exercises for that. As the hours dragged on we became more and more frightened. We went out into the snow-covered car park and bawled our eyes out.The worst part was hearing systematic gunfire along our corridor. My only comfort was that at least we were together. For the next few weeks all we seemed to do was cry.

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