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Brown took it, added some words, and put it out under his own name: “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” She had to take him to court to get a songwriting credit. Often at Club 15 in Macon, Georgia, Brown would get into brawls with other men, often over women. Brown learned a lot from watching his own father physically abuse his mother, and repeated the same actions with the women in his life.

She said, “God don’t like ugly and he sure don’t go along with thieves! He went after soul singer Joe Tex after Tex did a performance making fun of Brown’s cape act. He would often court women who sang with him, and would abuse them until they couldn’t take it anymore. The movie largely sidesteps a lot of James Brown’s politics.

They met on the set of the TV show Solid Gold, on which Rodriguez worked as a hairstylist. The two fell in love, got married (she would be Brown’s third wife), and had a tumultuous relationship: They were both addicted to PCP; she called the cops on him a number of times for domestic violence; she once stabbed a woman in the butt who she thought was sleeping with Brown; she set his clothes on fire; she allegedly put PCP into his creamed corn. Brown kept up a rigorous tour schedule well into his 70s.

In 1996, she died after undergoing liposuction owing to a combination of PCP and prescription medications. His trumpeter Hollie Farris remembered they were doing a show in South America when the doctor gave him shots, put a catheter in him, only to take it out, do a one-and-a-half-hour show, and then come back and put the catheter back in.

Brown jumped into the pool at the climax of “Sex Machine” and had to be fished out by his bandmates.

” It wouldn’t be the only time Brown would be accused of theft: J. Davis, a saxophonist, confronted Brown about stealing his song “Night Train.” Davis said that Brown said the song would be released under his name, but when he found out that it wasn’t, he drove down to Tampa, where Brown was, and confronted him with a gun. In the melee, seven people got shot, but the injured parties were given 0 each and told not to create any more trouble. In one of the more egregious instances, he allegedly hit one of them, Tammi Terrell, with a hammer. He supported then-vice-president Hubert Humphrey during his presidential campaign, only to turn around and perform at Richard Nixon’s inauguration.

He was friendly with the notoriously racist Strom Thurmond, but also performed at civil-rights events.

He released “America Is My Home,” which many black leaders read as critical of black power and the anti-war movement, only to release “Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud” soon afterward.

He was an individualist at heart, and while he recognized the need to fight for equal rights, he didn’t like the idea of something being “given” to you. He performed in The Blues Brothers with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd.

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York's disputes led to his early death at the Battle of Wakefield on 30 December 1460.

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