Imagine you are dating with harry styles

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Imagine you are dating with harry styles

He is particularly sensitive to any of the boys dating her, having each member sign an unofficial contract that none of them are to act upon her.

No dates, no going out alone, and absolutely no relationship.

You were trying to figure out what he was thinking by looking at his face. And I know that you and Harry will be there for me. ” Then you felt your phone buzz in your pocket.“Go ahead, see who it is.” He encourage you.

So when you knocked on Liams door he said:“Come on in sis.”So you came and sat on the bed with him and then you explained to him that you were dating Harry Styles.

He smiles in the kiss, holding her close as he makes his way in the house.

She really wanted to know what was going on in his head, because Niall made it so hard to get to know any of them as much as she wanted to, she didn’t want to let him leave like this.“Hey, Harry. ”He nodded hesitantly because truth be told, he really liked Y/n.

This was before Harry and Y/n fell in love with each other.

Harry accidentally came over to their house just to visit Niall.

At first, she was used to spending nights without Harry.

Of course, Y/n would occasionally lie and tell Niall she was sleeping over her best friend’s house, when really, she was spending her nights at Harry’s- making love, watching shitty independent drama films, and pulling multiple failed pranks on each other.

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He was having a hard time with a couple of stuff, stressed, and even found himself crying at times.