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Femdome chat

Let me deflower it and own this puffy big cunt." He slapped my cunt bit harshly... Then he turned me and slapped my Big ass harder and said -'What an awesome ass, I will fuck your big ass too, bitch." I said-"Noo...

He started licking my big puffy cunt like a bull dog... He pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and closed my nostrils.

When he was fucking my mouth, first time I tasted a man's fluid, his pre cum...

He slowly started to move his butts and fucked my slutty lips.

Now I entered in the lukewarm water in that royal bath tub. I looked at Prem, he was sitting nude on the sofa with a digital cam in his hand.

He came and took a photo of my swollen thirsty cunt . and murmured..."It is like a big puffy Mac sandwich! I never did anal sex." Khan comforted me that he will only fuck it once I am comfortable. I badly want to see him ramming your big cunt on that big bed. He is a perfect bull for me, a bastard chodu, a fucker,... His big cock felt like big snake and its monster head was poking into my big deep navel as if it was my cunt. I slid my fingers towards his groin and grabbed the giant big fat cock."Ahhhhhh..."First time I touched another man's cock (after Hubby Prem's). He smiled and squeezed my big breasst and said- "Your breasts are like melons, bitch! I looked at nude Prem's tool and compared him with khan.

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He almost daily showed me various kind of porn on laptop. I often got irritated and started abusing him while he licked me, like "you are worthless, useless dog, I need a real man's cock instead of your tongue to fuck my slutty unused cunt". There were some beautiful, very expensive golden and diamond jewelries of De Beers. He was also surprised to see such expensive gifts from khan.

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