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Face go face sex cam

The most dystopian example might be Name Tag, a start-up that launched in February promising to embed face recognition in wearable computers such as Google Glass.

The software would allow its users to look across a crowded bar and identify the anonymous cutie they are scoping out.

To some, face recognition sounds benign, even convenient.

Walk up to the international check - in at a German airport, gaze up at a camera and walk into the country without ever needing to pull out a passport – your image is on file, the camera knows who you are.

The police department in Seattle is already applying the technology to identify suspects on video footage.

"Consumers will begin to see that biometrics delivers privacy and security at the same time," she says."Good enrolment means getting a really good photograph of the frontal face, looking straight on, seeing both eyes and both ears," Schuepp says.How face recognition is already being used hints at just how pervasive it could become.Together, the facial data points create a "face-print" that, like a fingerprint, is unique to each individual.Some faces are described as open books; at a glance, a person can be "read".

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The algorithm is a computer program that takes an image of a face and deconstructs it into a series of landmarks and proportional patterns – the distance between eye centres, for example.