Dating with stoma numerical dating techniques

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Dating with stoma

I woke up after the procedure and the doctor came in and shook his head and looked flushed.

He said it was a severe case of UC, one of the worst he’s ever seen.

I would also get a psychological nausea from the worry of food being in my stomach and it would cause me to vomit.

They said that my heart rate too high (it was 130) and took some blood levels.

Five days later, I was given one more blood transfusion and then released from the hospital.

I was getting significantly better and there was no more risk for rupture.

The unique point of my story is that I’m a 22-year old gay male, and so, living with an intestinal disease has had a rough effect on my identity as a gay man and my overall self-esteem.

I was diagnosed with a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis in February 2008.

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I was also talking with my mom about this and she called my family’s GI, who knowing my family history, got me an appointment right away.

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