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Because fans become so engrossed in the shows, they often make a lot of calls and each one is charged at a premium rate.It’s important to understand that the 1900 phone numbers are not covered under phone plans that give you free calls or capped rates.Businesses and government bodies often restrict access because they don’t want employees to take advantage of them by accessing these premium rate numbers during working hours and forcing the employer to pay the hefty bill.People who run the psychic, competitions and sex/dating chat 1900 phone numbers all have one thing in common.Companies use this quite commonly for competitions to enable people to vote by texting a name to a specified number and if people could use their cell phone, it’s likely that the call cost may be reduced, depending on the person’s plan.In Australia, you can use your cell phone but the call costs end up being significantly higher than if you were to use a landline.

There are also numerous dating chat lines where the conversations can range from the very mild to the extremely explicit.

Why do people use 1900 numbers for their businesses?

The US, Canada and Australia use numbers with a 1900 prefix for many reasons including: online dating and chat lines, weather reports, gambling, information services, counseling, jokes, horoscopes, psychic readings, adult sex chats, competitions, health issues, gaming, technical support and much more.

Their main aim is to make as much money as possible from unsuspecting members of the public.

Each type of business has a specific target market but there’s definitely an overlap as well.

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These numbers are excluded completely so you can’t expect to escape the cost if you wish to use them.