Dating a scythian tomb speed dating north bay

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Dating a scythian tomb

This paper aims to present the large variety of distinct processes used in the manufacture of these gold artefacts.The technical expertise and the equipment at the disposal of the Early Iron Age craftsmen can be inferred from tool marks and analysis of surface structures.Preserved wood from the burial mound was dated through AMS to the 9th century BCE.This confirms that Tunnug 1 (Arzhan 0) belongs to the oldest Scythian cultural horizon and potentially predates Arzhan 1.The burial mound Tunnug 1 (Arzhan 0) lies in a swamp of the Uyuk River Valley, Tuva Republic, Russia.The construction of this princely Scythian tomb is similar to the earliest identified Scythian kurgan Arzhan 1.

Finally, iron weapons decorated with gold and silver inlay, such as daggers, knives, arrow-heads and a battle-axe form yet another category of these precious grave goods.

Scythian gold work from Siberia is particularly well known due to the Siberian collection of Peter the Great, on display in the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg (Schiltz, 1994; Popescu centuries BC, such as the splendid rolled panther from Kélermes, or other animal figures, like the deer from Kostromslaïa (Busch, 1993; Popescu, 2001).

However, the undisturbed tomb from Arzhan 2 represents the most luxuriant Siberian grave of the early Scythian period with regards to the number and combination of artefacts, as well as to the variety of different styles present, allowing one to distinguish different workshop traditions.

Elle a aussi donné un aperçu de la complexité de l’art des orfèvres Scythes à la fin du siècle av. Cet article vise à présenter la grande variété des procédés distincts utilisés dans la fabrication de ces objets en or.

La compétence technique et l’équipement à la disposition de l’artisan à l’Âge du Fer ancien peuvent être déduits des traces d’outils et de l’analyse des structures de surface.

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