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C datagridview rowvalidating

For example, if a column is hidden after it is automatically sized to fit a large cell value, the hidden column will not change its size if the row containing the large cell value is deleted. Content-based automatic sizing modes do not affect rows, columns, or headers that you have hidden by setting the row or column Visible property or the control Row Headers Visible or Column Headers Visible properties to false.When loading a form with a datagridview I get this error: The following exception occurred in the Data Grid View: System. Normally this happens because you populate the grid before populating the column with items.Argument Exception: Data Grid View Combo Box Cell value is not valid. If that's not the case then you have a greater issue because it means that your column doesn't have an item for at least one record, which doesn't make sense. | MSDN Data Walkthroughs VBForums Database Development FAQ My Code Bank Submissions: VB | C# My Blog: Data Among Multiple Forms (3 parts) Beginner Tutorials: VB | C# | SQLThis is a different topic and belongs in a different thread. The sizing mode for a column is actually determined by its Inherited Auto Size Mode property. To configure the sizing mode for headers and rows and for columns that do not override the control value, set one or more of the following Data Grid View properties: To override the control's column sizing mode for an individual column, set its Auto Size Mode property to a value other than Not Set.To replace this default dialog please handle the Data Error event. Please keep each thread to a single topic and each topic to a single thread.

The above code for deleting current selected row (only allow to select 1 row) but I still can see the row remains in datagridview. I think the solution depends on how you bind the data. The new sizes are automatically calculated to display all cell contents without clipping. When automatic sizing is disabled, you can programmatically set the exact width or height of rows, columns, or headers through the following properties: These methods will resize rows, columns, or headers once rather than configuring them for continuous resizing. You can customize sizing behaviors when working with derived Data Grid View cell, row, and column types by overriding the Data Grid View Cell. The protected resizing method overloads are designed to work in pairs to achieve an ideal cell height-to-width ratio, avoiding overly wide or tall cells. For example, you might programmatically resize all columns immediately after loading data, or you might programmatically resize a specific row after a particular cell value has been modified. Get Preferred Width() methods or by calling protected resizing method overloads in a derived Data Grid View control.

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Programmatic content-based resizing affects rows, columns, and headers regardless of their visibility.

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