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Posted by / 06-Jan-2018 15:38

For most of us, so many of these choices are so habitual, we fail to recognize them as a choice at all because we don’t even realize we’re making them.

So, with this in mind, here are a few key areas in your life where daily decisions are continuously being made.

Note how active you are and the way you move throughout your day.

As a result of your daily activity (or inactivity) are your muscles, tendons and ligaments becoming stronger and more pliable?

I invite you to take a look to see how those daily decisions are moving you closer or further away from the life you truly want.

Health-nutrition/fitness/wellness Nutrition-what food choices are you making?

Business/financial Are the daily actions you’re currently taking to grow your business leading to more opportunities, more prospects, more deals, better relationships with your clients and better financial results?

Are those daily actions growing your business, your platform, your reach, client base and reputation…or keeping you from moving forward?

Are the daily choices you’re making supporting your career growth?

If you were to continue with your current level of activity, how will your body look and feel years from now?

Will those choices keep you healthy, keep you flexible and improve your quality of life because you’ll be able to maintain your health, strength and stamina?

Relationships How do you relate to those your love?

Is your current method of communicating bringing you closer or further away from having loving, positive and supportive relationships filled with love, fun and intimacy?

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Are you expressing yourself in a way that if you continue, over time, would your relationships improve…or become strained?