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Bike or not dating site

This isn’t unreasonable, of course; a shared hobby can forge an even stronger bond. high and the handlebars aren’t like your dear old BMX, which was the last time you came into contact with the saddle, aged 14.

But if you’re not into it, prepare for his bike, and other men who like to ride bikes, to be your main challengers for his attention. Your bike-loving boy will watch wearily, ask you if you’re sure you can’t do it, before telling you it doesn’t matter and you can always have another go later.

When you have been on as many dates as I have, there are lots of things you dread.

It seems like there’s a dating site for everything these days, so it comes as no surprise that someone finally launched one specifically for cyclists.

As the Telegraph reports, former professional bike rider and entrepreneur Kelli Salone has recently launched Ride2Love, a dating site focused on helping people who ride bikes find love, and a new riding partner.“A lot of women were telling me they’d like to find a partner who they could ride bikes with,” Salone told the Telegraph.

You’ll try, perhaps spiritedly at first, to go for a bike ride with him. Desperate, knowing your fate, you relay all your fears about riding in the road and being squished by a van. You tell him about the one time you rented a Boris bike and had to pull over and PUSH it along the pavement because old ladies in Nissan Micras were heckling you as they overtook.

He’s more than likely to have an old one lying around – pedal fans buy new bikes with startling regularity – or he will borrow one from a friend for you.

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