Are taylor swift and taylor lautner dating 2016 graph search and dating

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Are taylor swift and taylor lautner dating 2016

It seemed this time Taylor had found the one, but after fifteen months the two shocked fans when they parted, albeit on supposedly friendly terms.But that didn't last long - with Calvin sharing his angst over social media when it emerged his ex had Swiftly moved on.Taylor Swift is a woman who adds every detail with purpose—and her latest video "Look What You Made Me Do" is full of little easter eggs and nods to her rivals and scandals over her years in the spotlight. Because that last 45 second old Taylor Swift exchange wasn't even the start of it...Swift channels rival Katy Perry here with the bleach blonde hair and wild leotard/cheetah motif, perhaps a nod to the tiger imagery Perry associates with herself.The tropical print Swift's wearing may be a nod to her ex-boyfriend who not only collaborated with Katy Perry (and wore similar fashion) in his "Feels" music video but also to date has released two songs about her ("Ole" and "My Way").Swift has her own private jet, hence the plane appearing in the video."I know you're off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I'm not that guy, sorry.

She has just come from a production meeting for her forth­coming world tour, fretting about the set list, sight lines and how to get her piano to the right part of the stage at the right time.

The insider said that the British star had asked Taylor to the upcoming Emmy Awards, however, she began questioning whether he was with her for 'the right reasons' and ultimately decided to call off the romance.

But the most infamous moment occurred during their July 4th weekend break in Rhode Island, where Tom was photographed frolicking in the surf with his lover while wearing a vest that was emblazoned with the message 'I heart TS'.

Click the link (right) to get a closer look at Tay Tay's exact dress, or check out (no pun intended!

) the dresses we've picked out for you in the edit below.

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"Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual," Harris tweeted.