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The flower in prison is not far in the ratings of my another favorite seaguk drama MDBC wow!!my both favorite seaguk drama of 2016 are successful co Ngrat S JSY Mr Goo Soo and Bogummy, Kim Yoo Jung.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

If I'm not wrong in the years I saw the news 1 year ago jin se-yeon volunteered in Africa what a lovely lady she is good to the children and elders in her kind heart she is really respectful ok-nyeo is kind as jin se-yeon cute....

because that haters are cruel to jin se-yeon it's better if she win that awards or else in excellence actress award because this year she is great in her acting, now she don't need bad haters because she do well her character.

The truly bad are the people judgmental and harshhs no manners pathetic haters atleast I know jin se-yeon is caring through the said of her co-star jin se-yeon is know herself and she didn't affected for the bad haters, jin se-yeon is good hearted, congratz to her nomination she deserve to be nominate goodluck to jin se-yeon atleast your not buy your award you will be deserving and I am happy you will be nominate please win award girl don't mind the haters they not win to down you, your really kind and you deserve to be happy and accept more blessings. they don't know her in person whatever our personality everyone are not perfect so we don't right to judge, about from awards I've heard the bullying to jsy too sad jsy can't deserve that first and foremost she's not fault for nominated as Deasang maybe that is why she nominate her because they realize jsy can quite improved in FIP and her drama high ratings they have a good reason why they nominate her j I don't know jsy also but I feel she is nice and not fake as a person and I give her a chance hope she be strong for that kind of matte I know she is smart and brave so don't discourage for all the people harsh words take care jsy.

This drama were challenging to them, congratulations they all level up, job well done. congrats Jin Se-Yeon this drama is blessing for you and to your cast mate, you nominated deasang and you winning excellent actress in special project (The Flower In Prison) regards to your cast mate I love this excellente cast.

Highly Recommended Drama, must thrilled and laughing at the same time, Tae Won (Go Soo) Ok-Nyeo (Jin Se Yun), young and senior cast are good, other reason that I missed, the bff tandem of Shorry J and Jin Se Yun and laughing moment of supporting cast saranghae... Thank you baby girl I'm so proud of you, you really a excellente and great korean actress.2016 is good year to you and you share your happiness and achievement to your family, friends and fans and God is with you.

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Back to the flower in prison, was suprised jin se yeon is acted very good, as brave ok nyeo, to all directors of jin se yeon director lee byung hoon is the best pd without a doubt.

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