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10 rules of dating song

Unless you have spent some serious time writing creative parts that enhance the song and don’t get in the way or busy it up, split the 2 electric parts into Rhythm and Lead.

Especially if you are only learning or rehearsing the song together right before service. You don’t want both guitarist trying to play leads at the same time.

Then no one is left giving the song some body with rhythm.

So make sure it’s understood who is rhythm and who is lead.

There’s a reason these artist are renown for worship music. What I’m saying is that if you’re going for a full band sound and you only have 1 other electric guitarist, or you’re the only guitarist, play electric.

However, 90% or the time, it’s going to take a guitarist to play big open chords to really fill up a song.

If you use Worship Online guitar tutorials, you don’t have to worry about this.

Our tutorials are split into “Electric 1” and “Electric 2.” This is because many times both guitars are going to play some sort of lead, or some sort of rhythm. We can do it this way because guitarist from these bands (Hillsong, Bethel, Vertical Church…etc.) have spent some serious time writing creative parts.

If it’s an electronic song, you may want to play power chords or some 3 note chord inversions.

Because in this instance, big open chords may muddy up or change the feel of the song.

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Having dissected guitar parts and gone through the original master stems of hundreds of worship songs, I can tell you that the majority of worship music tends to not even have acoustic in it.